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Are You Ready for a Rewarding Career in Long-term Care?

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You don't need a nursing degree or medical background to make a difference in senior care. Watch this video to learn more!
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Elderwood is a community with many roles and departments, so it's a great place to get your start in the medical field, food industry, maintenance and skilled labor, and hands-on medical care training. There are many roles that are great for busy students that have flexible shits so you can focus on school while also making strides toward your career in the future.


Thinking about a Career in the Medical Field?

Many Nurses, Therapists, and medical specialists get their start as support aides and CNAs!
Ask about our free paid CNA Training Program which allows you to begin as a Support Aide and become a Certified Nursing 

Hear what it is like to work at Elderwood:

"I knew that I wanted my career path to be in nursing, but as overwhelmed by where to even start. Elderwood of Uihlein at Lake Placid gave me the opportunity to start  my career path as a CNA with paid training and assisting me in the steps to my career foal of becoming a nurse. I could not be happier with where I am today."

Victoria Howard
Certified Nursing Assistant

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Bethany Rau
Director of Social Work

"As a Social Worker, my passion is helping people. At Elderwood of Uihlein at Lake Placid, the relationships that I get to form while assisting residents and family members on a daily basis is very special. To be able to do that with an interdisciplinary team that feels the same way, in a professional, compassionate environment, makes it even more rewarding."

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Abbey Condlin

"Hearing how great Elderwood was in their care for residents and employment opportunities, I was easily drawn to the facility, but looking at an hour commute and with 4 children, I had concerns. Elderwood of Uihlein at Lake Placid offers a weekly travel stipend and the company understands and encourages work/life balance. I could not ask for a better place to do what I love."

Learn more about career opportunities with Elderwood of Uihlein at Lake Placid 

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